It’s often necessary for actresses to go without a bra for scenes in movies or when they’re hitting the red carpet. Sometimes dresses simply don’t allow them to wear a bra, which is when they turn to the skillful application of tape. We have a selection of three braless actress photos we think you’ll appreciate, starting with the lovely Kirsten Dunst braless in a screenshot from a film. She’s bound by a chain in the Spider Man film and the top she’s wearing is remarkably tight against her breasts, which look bigger than usual. They’re braless and utterly perfect, as you’ll surely agree. The second babe is Alexandra Daddario from True Detective, and anyone that watched the show knows that she never has any reason to wear a bra. Her breasts are utterly flawless, just like she is, and they will take your breath away. Finally, hit the red carpet with Abigail Breslen to see her braless in a tight silver dress with just a hint of her nipples poking through. The pictures of Braless Hot Girls bring you more actresses and celebs, so be sure to visit.