We love braless celebrities and we’re happy to report that quite a few babes are happy to go out without anything on underneath. For many famous women it’s beneficial to draw some attention in public, like the lady in the first picture of our celeb gallery. That’s Kim Kardashian, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade. The supremely curvy babe is walking with her husband down a city street as the picture is taken and she’s clearly braless because you can see the outline of her breasts and her hard nipples. Braless Hot Girls has plenty of celebs in our gallery because the paparazzi are always out taking pictures of them. Rihanna, the subject of the second image, is a popular subject because she doesn’t ever seem to wear a bra. In this pink satin dress she doesn’t really have the option, so we get to see her amazing cleavage and the chest tattoo she has, along with her nipples brushing against the fabric. There she is again in the next picture, this time courtside at a basketball game. She’s braless in a top that’s so tight you can actually see her nipple piercing.